Competition prints

  • For Rosanna Photography Club members.
  • Refer to the information below for more details.

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  • Paper Choice *

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    Cotton based with a slightly warm tone. Consider for portraits or natural subjects. Excellent colour reproduction and high archival life.
  • *

    Consider for emotive images where the texture adds an extra dimension to your artwork. Cotton based with high archival life.
  • *

    A stunning cotton based metallic paper for a unique metallic touch.
  • *

    A slightly cool toned satin paper for general use.
  • *

    A slightly cool toned glossy paper for general use.
  • *

    A cheaper option to the fine art matte papers with a cooler tone and lighter blacks. Good for images of natural subjects where colour is important but blacks/shadows don't make the image. For images with deep blacks or important shadow areas use the art papers for richer and more archival results.
  • *

    A high quality 100% cotton canvas with a fine weave which can be used as an alternative to textured papers for a unique look.
  • *

    A premium option to Photo Satin. The cotton base gives more brilliant colours, higher archival life and an organic surface texture.
  • *

    For when you can't decide, let John choose.
  • Matboard *

  • Message or link to files * 

    Include any messages here, or a link to your uploaded files if using Dropbox, OneDrive, WeTransfer etc.

Upload Images (login required)

Upload images here (login required, link at top of page). 100MB max.

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    Max file size: 100 MBPermitted file types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif tif tiff

Pickup and delivery

  • Prints will be delivered at the next club meeting.
  • Images are needed at least 3 days prior, ideally by the Sunday prior to the competition but I’ll do my best for later orders.
  • Pickup is also available from my studio in Reservoir, contact me first.

Print size

  • Images are sized to fit within a 30 x 40cm window.
  • Example 1. A typical 2:3 DSLR image will be sized to 40cm x 26.6cm.
  • Example 2. A square image would be sized to 30 x 30cm.

The service

  • Images are checked and tweaked for optimal printing on the paper of choice (many images look great on screen, but still need a little help translating into print).
  • I will not tweak your image it’s already well optimised, or if you don’t want it.
  • I’m happy to have a chat and provide any feedback about your images, technical or aesthetic.

File uploads

How does John get your files for printing?

  • Files can be uploaded directly to the order form, but registration and login is required first for website security.  There’s a login link at the top of the site.  Try to remember your password and login details!!
  • You can also provide a link to your files in the order form.  Many people are using sharing services like Dropbox, WeTransfer, Onedrive or Google Drive.  These are great services.
  • Email – not preferred because of the size limits and other issues, but yes you can send files by email.
  • Pass me a memory stick in person on a club night if you like.

Materials and papers

  • I use high end Epson printers which are capable of museum quality prints with the right papers.
  • I use papers by Canson, Hahnemuhle, Ilford, Epson and possibly others along the way.
  • Satin and gloss photo papers are the most cost effective.
  • Fine Art papers can provide a more unique and refined aesthetic, they have greater longevity and are crafted from finer materials; cotton for example in place of wood based fibres and plastics.
  • The options may change occasionally with availability.


  • Matboards can be a good choice if you don’t have a matboard cutter, if you don’t have time to cut the mat yourself, or if you can’t physically make it to the club to submit prints.
  • Matboard dimensions are 40 x 50cm with a window cut to suit the print and a backing applied to the back.
  • Matboards are either white or black. White can come in different flavours, cooler or warmer.  Depending on my stock, I will endeavour to choose the white matboard flavour which best suits a particular image and its paper.


RPC print competition submission dates 2022

  1. Thursday February 17th
  2. Thursday March 17th
  3. Thursday May 5th (Mono)
  4. Thursday June 2nd
  5. Thursday July 7th
  6. Thursday August 4th
  7. Thursday September 1st



Links to file sharing services

Consider using one of these file sharing services.  Upload your images there and share the link with me.

  • WeTransfer – No account required.  Files are deleted after 7 days.
  • Dropbox – Well featured
  • Sync – Possibly more secure than the others
  • Box– I haven’t used it but it seems popular

Others which you may already have an account for….



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